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I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has performed, recorded, read or workshopped my music. Listed below are the groups or organizations who have played or in some way realized my pieces; not listed, but to whom I am equally grateful, are the many fellow students and individual colleagues who have also brought my pieces to fruition. Thank you!

The following groups and persons have performed and/or premiered my pieces:

Acadia Chamber Orchestra (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Acadia Gamelan Ensemble (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Acadia String Quartet (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Bathurst Chamber Players (New Brunswick, Canada)

Chamber Musicians of Kamloops (Kamloops, BC, Canada)

Dim Sum Ensemble (Toronto, ON, Canada)

D.N.T.S. (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Ethos Collective (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Erato Ensemble (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Fie Schouten, clarinets (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Motion Ensemble (New Brunswick, Canada)

Negative Zed Ensemble (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Pacific Spirit Brass (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Penthelia Singers (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Piano Erhu Project (PEP) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Shauna DeGruchy, trombone (Montreal, QC, Canada)

TEMPO New Music Ensemble (College Park, Maryland, USA)

Thomas Piercy, clarinet & hichiriki (New York, New York, USA)

UBC Contemporary Players (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Vanessa Porter & Isadora Pastragus: the Green Dot Journey (Reno, NV, USA)

Via Choralis (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Vine Orchestra (Austin, Texas, USA)

Whitney M. Young High School String Orchestra (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

These groups have read or workshopped my pieces:

Band of the Ceremonial Guard (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Musica Intima (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

National Youth Orchestra of Canada (Ontario, Canada)

Quartet New Generation Recorder Collective (Berlin, Germany)

UBC Symphony Orchestra (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

UBC Wind Ensemble (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

 I'm additionally grateful to these organizations, festivals and concert series for programming my music:

Art Song Lab (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Bathurst Chamber Music Festival (Bathurst, NB, Canada)

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts: "Chanfare" series (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Series (College Park, MA, USA)

Green Dot Journey (Reno, NV, USA)

New Music Concerts (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Novum Musica (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Odyssey Chamber Music Series (Columbia, MO, USA)

Redshift Music Society (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Shattering the Silence New Music Festival (Acadia University, NS, Canada)

Sonic Boom Festival (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

UBC Centennial Initiatives (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Vancouver Pro Musica (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra (VICO) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Vox Novus (New York, New York, USA)