• TCO Composition Competition 2018, commission for a new work for the Toronto Chinese Orchestra
    winners: Lucas Oickle & Bruce Bai
  • Chime in, Canada! Sesquicentennial carillon composition competition, hosted by the House of Commons in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary

Fifteen Decades (2017) - winner, youth category


  • Via Choralis 2016 Composition Competition

through the azure skies (2016) - winner, 1st place

  • Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts (MCPA) - 130th Anniversary Commission

winning applicant - 130th anniversary commission

  • NSYO 40th Anniversary Season - opener w Nadina Mackie Jackson

squeezed through wood  (2016) invited composition for season opener concert feat bassoonist Nadina Mackie Jackson

  • Piano Erhu Project - China Concert Tour 2016

Firewall  (2015) selected for concert tour program to China: Wuhan / Beijing / Shanghai

  • Synesthesia IV pt 1 (FAWN Chamber Collective)

Sawari  (2014) selected for performance

  • Sound of Dragon Festival 2016

PM2.5 (2016) selected for premiere

  • University of British Columbia: Centennial Commission

Thunderbird Fanfare  (2016) commissioned for the 100th anniversary of the beginning of classes at UBC

  • Sonic Boom Festival 2016

They cut down the mountains  (2015) selected for performance


  • Vox Novus 15th Anniversary Concert

slowly changing mornings (2015) selected for premiere

  • Portsmouth International Film Festival - Nomination: Best short film score

Arc - short film soundtrack  (2015) - Directed by Amartei Armar. Score by Lucas Oickle.

  • SOCAN Foundation Award: 2015 Godfrey Ridout Award

Three Songs on Poems by Vancouver Downtown Eastside Poets  (2015) - tied for 3rd place

  • Basklarinet Festijin 2016 miniatures competition

Sugar Tree  (2015) selected for premiere in Utrecht, Netherlands

  • 2015 Goodwill Ambassador: Nova Scotia Talent Trust

              Lucas has been invited to act as the NSTT Goodwill Ambassador for the 2015 season. (nstalenttrust.ns.ca)

  • Musica Intima - Novum Musica 2015

              Aitake (2014) selected for reading & workshop 


  • NSTT 2014 Special Awards Recipient: 2011 Canada Games Artist of Excellence Award ($10,000)

              With thanks to the 2011 Canada Games Legacy Fund and the Nova Scotia Talent Trust (read more here)

  • Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble - 2015 Call for Emerging Composers

              Selected as one of several emerging composers to be commissioned to write a new piece for the VCME

  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra - 2015 Jean-Coulthard Readings

              Lunar Mansions (2014) - selected for reading by the VSO

  • Dim Sum Ensemble - National Call for Scores

              Shanghai Asterisms (2014) - one of five selected for premiere in November 2014

  • Green Dot Journey Composer Competition
              Three Asterisms (2014) - Atlantic Canada Region Winner
  • Nova Scotia Talent Trust - Scholarship

2-week Sundanese gamelan degung / suling degung study intensive with master musician Ade Suparman in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

  • 2nd Annual Bathurst Chamber Music Festival: Composer-in-Residence
             Chaconne & Reel: The Fireship of Chaleur (2014)
  • Via Choralis: 2014 Composition Competition 

              Asterism IV (2014) - winner 

  • Penthelia Singers: Canadian Folk Song Arranging Contest 

    Farewell to Nova Scotia (2014) - winner

  • Vancouver Pro Musica: 1st Annual "Highway 1" Call for Scores 

    Straphangers - Vancouver (2014) selected for premiere by the Chamber Musicians of Kamloops

  • Vox Novus - Composers' Voice - Thomas Piercy & Vilian Ivantchev 15 Minutes of Fame "Japan Perspective"

    Matsuri Miniature (2013) selected as one of 15 winners

  • Dim Sum Ensemble: "Erhu Composition Workshop"

    Asterism V (2013) selected 

  • Redshift Music Society: "Call for Ringtone Scores" 

Ringtone Miniature for Octet (2013) selected as one of 15 winners 


  • Vine Orchestra's Call for 6-second Miniatures

"Six Second Triple Concerto" (2013) selected for Texas premiere

  • Harpster Music Publishing

 "Guitar Duet" (2007) published out of Las Vegas

  • Nova Scotia Kiwanis Festival: Open Composition Class 

Amaranthus Caudatus II (2011) - winner

  • TEMPO New Music Ensemble: "Spring Call for Scores"

The Great Firewall of China (2012) - winner


  • 12/13 Inaugural "Featured Student Composer" of the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra

Constellations (2012)

  • Alice Maud Fitch Grant Memorial Scholarship (Acadia School of Music) 

  • Dr. Don Wright Award in Music (Acadia School of Music) 

  • E.A. Collins Award in Music - Composition (Acadia School of Music) 


  • Alice Maud Fitch Grant Memorial Scholarship (Acadia School of Music)

  • Dr. Don Wright Award in Music (Acadia School of Music)

  • E.A. Collins Award in Music - Composition (Acadia School of Music) 

  • Wallace and Trenna Turner Scholarship (Acadia School of Music) 


  • David Vernon Memorial Award  (Acadia School of Music)

  • Wallace and Trenna Turner Scholarship (Acadia School of Music)