Three Songs on Poems by Vancouver Downtown Eastside Poets

Commissioned by the Voice to Voice Project 

Clouds lined with purple hues (2015) on text by Ruth Dato                                                                                                       Soprano voice & piano   [ feat. LAURA WIDGETT, soprano & YEKATERINA UTEGENOVA, piano ]

I write because my soul is on fire (2015) on text by Henry Doyle                                                                                                 Tenor voice & piano    [ feat. SPENCER BRITTEN, tenor & YEKATERINA UTEGENOVA, piano ]

your words harsh, discordant, rough (2015) on text by Joan Morelli                                                                                            Bass - baritone voice & piano   [ feat. SCOTT BROOKS, baritone & YEKATERINA UTEGENOVA, piano ]

The Voice to Voice Anthology includes texts, as well as selected score samples, in a published anthology. Live premieres took place at the University of British Columbia on April 2nd & at St. James Church (Downtown Eastside) on April 16th.