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Information regarding the Green Dot Journey Composer Project, which includes my own Three Asterisms for violin & piano. (2014-2016) 

Matsuri Miniature (2013)

Thomas Piercy, clarinet

Vilian Ivantchev, guitar

"Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Japan Perspective 2014"

Vox Novus: Composers' Voice Concert Series, Jan Hus Church, NYC

--> Matsuri Miniature starts at [ 05:16 ] 

watch on Youtube:

Prelude and Soundscape (2013)

Kaytea Glen, suling degung

Conor Stuart, violin

Joseph Glaser, percussion

Angelique Po, piano & wind chimes 

Constellations (2012)

Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra 12/13

Dinuk Wijeratne, music director

Nelly Chen, concert master

Great Firewall of China (2012)

Lyndsey Mitchell, flute

Sarah Padovani, clarinet

Nelly Chen, violin

Rebecca Hulme, cello

Stephen Gallant, percussion

Morgan O'Leary, percussion

Embat kuwi digawa mati (2012)

Acadia Gamelan Ensemble 

Ken Shorley, director

Bridge of Magpie Wings (2012)

Acadia String Orchestra

Dr. Christoph Both, conductor 

Straphangers II (2012)

Brass Quintet: Nicole Stanson, Paige Morrissey, Duncan Greene, Shauna DeGruchy, Ethan McNutt

Percussion Quartet: Tom Allen, Patrick Lynch, Stephen Gallant, Morgan O'Leary