Programme Note: The Cut Down The Mountains (2015) 

Currently underway in China, this piece concerns a number of massive projects involved in moving an unprecedented amount of land - essentially bulldozing entire mountains to make way for new cities. Chinese scientists themselves have already spoken out in warning about a wide array of dangers: increased air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion, land instability, and flooding. While specifically focused on this current event, it is my hope that this project in China can prompt us to consider other projects around the world - and the continually increasing extent to which we are able to modify the very ground beneath us. Intense smog in huge centres like Beijing, stars at night obscured around the world by light pollution, and recent earthquakes in North America apparently induced by hydraulic fracturing, are but some of the massive changes which we are now living with in the 21st century.

I am deeply in debt to Shauna DeGruchy for so kindly inviting me to take part in this wonderful project, and for making this piece possible. Her continuing support of new music is incredibly important, and I hope it will encourage others to do the same. - Lucas Oickle, January '15

Premiere: March 30th 2015 @ Salle Claude Champagne, Université de Montréal, Montréal, QC; 600PM 


Tommy Désliets, Flute
Elyze Venne-Deshaies, Bass Clarinet
Vincent Turcotte, Contrabassoon
Shauna DeGruchy, trombone
Romain Pollet, Piano
Nelly Chen, Violin
ChuCi Qian, 'Cello
Maximilien Brisson, Director