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These score samples (some excerpts, some complete full scores) are freely available for perusal and/or download. Please feel free to have a look at how I engrave my music! (You can distribute these however you like, but please always give a link back to this website. Thanks!)

Triple Concerto for contrabassoon, baritone saxophone, contrabass and large ensemble 6 seconds (2013)

premiered by the Vine Orchestra in Austin, Texas, on December 1st 2013

This piece was written as a humorous 6-second miniature for an innovative project called the 'Vine Orchestra', which called for miniatures which could be posted on the social media video site "Vine", which - like Twitter's 140 character limit - has a strict submission limit (videos must be 6 seconds or less). In my piece, everyone in the ensemble works towards the tonic chord at the end of the last measure in their own ways and at their own pace, while the solo parts (choosing less straight-forward paths to the cadence) are needlessly (and hopefully humorously) difficult and virtuosic.

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