New Projects: 2017

October 3, 2016
Happy Autumn!

I've just relocated to Japan, and am looking forward to expanding my network here. In the meantime, I'm incredibly fortunate to have so many things still going on in Canada; feel free to browse through my projects planned thus far, and contact me if you have an idea for another one you'd like to collaborate on! - Lucas

End of 2016:

August 27-29 2016: NSYO feat. Nadina Mackie Jackson
I had a truly wonderful time with director Dinuk Wijeratne (, the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, and bassoonist extraordinaire Nadina Mackie Jackson ( in August when they performed my new work for solo bassoon & orchestra (squeezed through wood) in Lunenburg, Pictou, and Halifax. Thank you Nadina, Dinuk, and NSYO!

October 15 2016: VCME at Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre
The Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble (VCME) are presenting my work star pollution - fireflies at the Greater Vancouver Chinese Culture Centre on October 15th (event starts at 300pm). This concert is entirely made up of new works commissioned by the VCME from myself and fellow composers Adam Hill, Denis Plante, and Symon Henry - facilitated by Alan Lau.


November 20th 2016: Via Choralis "Sound and Sweet Airs"
Through the azure skies, my setting of Canadian poet Colin Wood's Life and Love, for SATB, 'cello, & piano, has been selected as the winner of the 2016 Via Choralis composition competition. It will be performed on Sunday November 20th by Via Choralis on Vancouver island (St. Elizabeth's Church in Sidney @230pm). Via Choralis ( is directed by Nicholas Fairbank


November 25 2016: Dalhousie University Wind Ensemble
Director Jacob Caines and the Dalhousie University Wind Ensemble play their fall concert on November 25th at the All Saints Cathedral in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their programme includes my Jupiter II/VI (a short piece for wind band musing about the possibility of microbes on Jupiter's moon, Europa) as well as a piece by fellow maritimer Brian Topp.

2017 happenings:

Idle Thoughts - film soundtrack
Currently finishing up the soundtrack for the film Idle Thoughts by Andrew Willig. Release set for summer 2017.

Piano Erhu Project CD
Corey Hamm (piano) and Nicole Ge Li (erhu), i.e. Piano Erhu Project, are including my work Firewall on their upcoming CD. Release date and details TBA (2017 or 2018).

Elementary schools collaboration
I was just contacted by Alison Sheffield, who is the music teacher for two elementary schools in the South Shore of Nova Scotia (where I grew up) - she's interested in augmenting the music curriculum in her schools with original compositions by Canadian composers. I've always wished I would've started writing earlier (I was trying to write short stories in grade 5, but didn't start trying to write music until grade 9), so I'm very excited at the opportunity to try to excite more Nova Scotian youth about contributing to their own music scene through composition.

Bridgewater Fire Department Band 150th anniversary (2018)
I've been invited by the Bridgewater Fire Department Band to write a piece celebrating their upcoming 150th anniversary in 2018. They are the oldest fire department band in Canada.

Maritime Conservatory of the Performing Arts 130th Anniversary (2017)
My newest and largest project of the moment is a commission for three important milestones: the 150th anniversary of confederation, the 130th anniversary of the Maritime Conservatory of the Performing Arts (the commissioning party), and the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. This work will be a 10-20 minute piece for live music and dance (with choreography by Diana Rutherford) and will be performed / toured in 2017. 

I was fortunate enough to be in Halifax this August for my premiere with the NSYO and Nadina, which gave me the chance to talk to some key people in the area (including Olive Shaw, long-time cello instructor at MCPA). One couple that was kind enough to invite me into their own home was Chris and Susie Godwin.

Chris' father was 5 at the time of the explosion, and his father's father was an Alderman for Ward 6, John Godwin, who is mentioned in "Shattered City" (by Janet Kritz). Having grown up with stories of the explosion, Chris (he and Susie are both songwriters) wrote one song in particular that he kindly volunteered to show me: Fire in the Harbour, which speaks from the viewpoint of a character who has gone blind (many people watching the ship burning from their windows had glass violently thrown into their eyes upon the explosion). In the years after the explosion Halifax became internationally known for its care for the blind, developed from the knowledge gained from all of the eye injuries caused by the explosion.

Chris and Susie Godwin perform as a singer-songwriter duo by the name Home Grown; I'm very grateful to them for kindly inviting a stranger into their home and for sharing their stories with me. You can check out their web page here: ]

Other Projects
My last update was greeted by many new & old friends offering ideas for collaborations and opportunities. I'm very thankful for that, and am planning to push more of those potential projects to fruition in 2017. In the meantime, I'm still always looking for chances to write; do let me know! 

Interested in discussing a project? I want to compose - let's collaborate!
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