Music Published by Harpster Music Publishing

Posted by Lucas Oickle on Saturday, October 12, 2013
I'm pleased to have had my very early work Guitar Duet (composed in 2007 while in high school) published by Harpster Music Publishing, a relatively new music publishing company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm also currently re-working a woodwind duet for publication that I wrote in 2012, altering it to allow multiple instrumentations of duets for flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and percussion (either two 4 octave marimbas or two vibraphones). 

For all music available through Harpster Music Publishing, you have the option of purchasing digitally (i.e. receiving a PDF, which is naturally the cheaper option) or having a hardcopy score shipped to you. You can visit my page, peruse my current catalog and purchase works at the following link:

- Thanks to Timothy Harpster for all of his help in making this possible!

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