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Posted by Lucas Oickle on Thursday, November 13, 2014
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This is a new video outlining the premiere weekend in Nevada this past August of seven new works for piano and violin (including my own Three Asterisms) by violinist Vanessa Porter and pianist Isadora Pastragus. Although for my own part I'm a bit of an ineffective and awkward speaker (as per usual), everyone else does a great job of highlighting many of the wonderful facets of this massive project put together by the incredibly talented violinist Vanessa Porter (previously of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Reno Philharmonic, and others).

According to her current itinerary, she will be in Canada by mid-2016. If you want to support new music, the best thing you can do is to book her (take a look at her itinerary here, book her here). She is available for school presentations, lectures, recitals, private house concerts, art gallery concerts... anything at all. Given her very positive stance on new music, she would also be excellent for any new music reading sessions or composition workshops.

Keep in mind that for the seven composers that were selected, she was able to provide us each with a $1500 cash prize, free airfare to the Reno premiere, and free lodgings as well as a lovely trip down to beautiful Lake Tahoe. Seven! Not including then the cost for the judges of the composition competition (Brian Current & Frank Felice), the cost of publicity, videography etc., and of course the momentous undertaking of spending an entire 2 years on the road doing almost nothing but traveling & performing (visiting every single state and province of the USA and Canada). Vanessa is an incredibly ambitious and driven individual and she has already done so much - so I really hope that when she reaches the Canadian section of her tour (currently the concluding portion of it) that she is supported as best as possible with a number of teaching & performing opportunities. As said above, the support she has given to seven composers in this one project is more or less equivalent to the support that seven typical young composer initiatives or competitions are typically able to provide these days (really good projects, at that: with a general lack of arts funding these days, many organizations and groups can only provide a premiere, without any travel support - much less a financial award).

Please support her if you can! 

Read more about Vanessa, the Composer Project, and the Green Dot Journey:


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