Green Dot Journey

Posted by Lucas Oickle on Friday, July 4, 2014
My piece "Three Asterisms" (2014) for violin & piano has been selected as one of seven winners of the Green Dot Journey Composer Project. Violinist Vanessa Porter (previously of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Reno Philharmonic and others) will spend the next two or more years touring the winning pieces all over the North American continent, including all 95 national parks (59 in the US, 36 in Canada). Each winner also receives free airfare to the premiere in Reno, Nevada, and a $1500 monetary prize. Ms Porter may also record and otherwise feature the compositions in possible future DVD or CD projects.

If you are interested in attending the premiere on August 23rd (see above link) or hosting a personalized house concert along Ms Porter's lengthy trip over the next two years, you can view her tentative schedule and book her at the page linked below:

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