6-second Triple Concerto Premiered in Texas

Posted by Lucas Oickle on Sunday, December 8, 2013
My 6-second miniature Triple Concerto for Contrabassoon, Baritone Saxophone, Contrabass and Large Ensemble... in 6 seconds (2013) was premiered in Austin, Texas this past Sunday (December 1st, 2013). Thank you to the founder, Michael Mikulka, as well as everyone else (especially the performers) involved in this imaginative new music project.

6-Second Triple Concerto premiere on Youtube:

View the score here:

Vine Orchestra Youtube playist (52 premieres of 6-second miniatures)

Vine Orchestra on Twitter:

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Here is the full press release from the Vine Orchestra:

In October/November 2013, the "Vine Orchestra" held a call for scores with durations of less than 6 seconds:
Over 150 compositions were entered, and 52 compositions were performed and recorded on December 1st.

The instrumentation of the ensemble is:

Michael Mikulka: Conductor

Meekyoung Lee: Flute (doubling Piccolo and Alto Flute)
Lindsey Reymore: Oboe (doubling English Horn)
Ben Stonaker: Bb Clarinet (doubling Eb Clarinet and Alto Clarinet)
Toan Tran: Bassoon (doubling Contrabassoon)
Keri Wing: Eb Alto Saxophone (doubling Tenor and Bari Sax)
Rose Valby: Horn in F
Miguel Perez: Bb Trumpet
Blair Castle/Ross Jenkins: Trombone
Cameron Warren: Tuba
Vince Pierce: Harp
Brian Heim: Piano (with help from Vince Pierce and Lindsey Reymore)
Stephen Krishnan: Classical Guitar
Justin McConchie and Rene Lopez: Percussionists 
Turner Partain: Violin
Russell Podgorsek: Viola
Lauren Peacock: Cello
Elizabeth Lehr: Bass
Samantha Leibowitz: Soprano Voice
Jake Jacobsen: Baritone Voice

One main goal of this project was to encourage compositions that are creative and striking while being extremely concise. The other main goal is to expose more of the general public to the potential of contemporary classical art music in a way that is casual and that can be done with no time commitment.

Follow us on https://twitter.com/Vine_Orchestra

Pieces performed:

Minifanfare -- Jan Bach
On a Glance -- Rodrigo Baggio
in which a moth is caught by a bat, contemplates its existence, then is swiftly eaten -- Michael Betz
...But It Sure Is Short -- Don Bowyer
Crinkle -- Aaron Brooks
The 6 Second Rush -- Dalian Bryan
Miniature #1 -- Dan Caputo
Lost My Keys! -- Joshua Carney
Six Second Sonata Structure - Dave Collins
Gonionemus -- Andrew Cote
This is a Sonata if I Say So -- Corey Cunningham
Dark Matter -- Eric Delgado
Lyrical -- David Drexler
Nearly Six Seconds - Steve Ege
Twinkling Over -- Rachael Forsyth
Ultima Lunar Ice Blast! -- J. Richard Freese
Crescendo -- Antonio Galanti
A Taste of Aeterna -- Arthur Gottschalk
Kiwi Vines -- Anne Guzzo
Backwards Decade -- Stanley Hoffman
Cowboy Diddly -- Matthew Jackfert
A Sad Story -- Zaq Kenefick
Sunshine on a Cloudy Day -- David Kerr
Scamper -- Christopher Kovarik
Saturday's Argument -- Christopher Kovarik
Oom-cha Rhapsody -- Thomas Kresge
Reincarnation - Tim Labor
Arundo -- John Leszczynski
Last Leaf - John Liberatore
(untitled) -- Allison Maupin
WateredSilence -- David May
Aether -- Roger May
Yip! Yap! -- Roger May
(untitled) -- Michael Mikulka
Win the Internet -- Michael Mikulka
Smirk -- Christopher Neiner
Galaxy -- Nailah Nombeko
Triple Concerto for contrabassoon, baritone saxophone, and contrabass -- Lucas Oickle
Reticulon 4 Receptor -- Anthony O'Toole
Requiem Libera Nos -- Edwardo Perez
Micro-concerto for Viola -- Kala Pierson
Growl -- Justin Rito
The Foreboding Apprehension of a Looming Apocalypse, for Triangle and Orchestra -- Ben Ryer
(untitled) - Micaela Santurio
Crystal Caverns -- Samuel Stokes
Golgothan Fanfare -- Samuel Stokes
VINES -- George Sweet
Edl -- Pierluigi Tanzi
sic second chance -- Robert Voisey
(untitled) - Bernie Walasavage
Snowflake -- Blair Whittington
Fanfara -- Eudoxia Ypsilanti

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