2011 Canada Games Artist of Excellence Award

Posted by Lucas Oickle on Tuesday, December 23, 2014
"NSTT Awards over $33,000 to 2014 Special Awards Recipients" (Nova Scotia Talent Trust)

"Nova Scotia Artists Honoured by Talent Trust'" by Andrea Nemetz (The Chronicle Herald)

"Lower Branch composer earns prestigious $10,000 award" by Emma Smith (Lighthouse Now Progress Bulletin)
http://issuu.com/lighthousenow_paper/docs/pb_123114  [article on page 20]
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On December 16th 2014 at the Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, I was honoured receive a 2011 Canada Games Artist of Excellence Award in the amount of $10,000 from the 2011 Canada Games Legacy Fund and the Nova Scotia Talent Trust. I was further honoured to receive this prestigious award from His Honour Brigadier-General, the Honourable J.J. Grant, CMM, ONS, CD (Ret'd), Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

  • The 2011 Canada Games Young Artist of Excellence Awards will be awarded to any recipient, regardless of age, from any artistic discipline, who best exemplifies the qualities embraced by the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, that of the utmost commitment, promise, exceptional technique, talent and the highest achievement of excellence, someone who demonstrates the passion and drive to become a professional Nova Scotia artist in their field of discipline. A recipient is only eligible to receive this award once. Two awards will be given out annually, if merited. These two awards, valued at $10,000 each, will be awarded starting in December 2013 for the next ten years and are the legacy of the 2011 Canada Games Young Artists of Excellence Program.  (http://nstalenttrust.ns.ca/Awards/Special-Awards/)

Huge congratulations also to dancer / choreographer Aliah Schwartz, currently based in Montreal, who was the other recipient of a 2011 Canada Games Artist of Excellence Award this year. (It was a pleasure to meet yourself and all of the other award winners!)

Thank you: Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude for this incredible and completely unexpected support & validation as an artist and as a composer. Thank you so much to everyone involved (everyone at the 2011 Canada Games Legacy Fund and the NS Talent Trust, all of their contributing donors, volunteers and supporters who together make these organizations possible, and many others beyond that) for this incredibly generous award - I promise to do my absolute best to continually strive to live up to the responsibility of such a momentous gift. Sincerest thanks for your confidence in me as a composer and as a Nova Scotian artist. 

I want to emphasize the notion of responsibility mentioned above: I absolutely understand the responsibility of receiving such a massive show of support and such a significant vote of confidence. It is further all the more significant to me because it has come from my home province. As I finish my masters degree this spring of 2015 in Vancouver, this huge gift of financial stability and artistic affirmation could not have come at a better time for my career, and I guarantee that this award in its entirety will go towards my efforts at becoming a better, more effective, more capable and relevant Nova Scotian artist. My intention will always be to represent Nova Scotia to the absolute best of my ability.

Thank you: In addition to the 2011 Canada Games Legacy Fund, Chuck Bridges (Games' Legacy Committee Chair), the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, Adrian Hoffman (NSTT chair), Jacqueline Steudler (NSTT Executive Director), Andrea Dymond (NSTT Scholarship Program Coordinator), and the numerous other donors, volunteers, and supporters for both these organizations, I would also like to further thank photographer David Elliott, journalists Andrea Nemetz (Chronicle Herald) & Emma Smith (Progress Bulletin, Bridgewater) and of course my family, friends, teachers and all supporters of the arts. I also want to extend my congratulations to all of the other NSTT award winners, not just of this year, but of the many years to come - with people and organizations like these, I am confident Nova Scotia will always have a vibrant, talented, and relevant arts scene to contribute to not just the rest of Canada, but to the international stage.

Visit the Nova Scotia Talent Trust online: 

All pictures from the ceremony are courtesy of photographer David Elliott:

The programme:

Thank you to Andrea Nemetz for her article in the Chronicle Herald:

And thank you to Emma Smith for her article in the Lighthouse Now Progress Bulletin:

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